Hi and welcome to Quill Trading.

We’re all about living life while you’re alive.  Life is not about earning money stuck in an office in a job you hate, it’s about doing the things you love with passion; whether that’s going hiking and camping with your dog, kayaking with friends, or snowboarding and surfing depending on the season, if that's your sort of thing then you are our kind of person.

We love the great outdoors, and more specifically exploring it with our canine buddies, our products are designed for competing, hiking, canicrossing and hanging out with your best friends.

Things we like at Quill Trading…

  • Dogs (obviously)
  • The outdoors
  • Big spectacular skies
  • Simple carefree living
  • Good music, good friends, good times

Coz & Quill

So why call ourselves Quill?  Well, Quill is one of our border collies, she’s feisty, independent and loves the outdoors, a lot like our brand really – just in dog form.  Whilst she’s not able to create our designs she’s there checking on what we are doing and making sure we do it properly.

We are a new start up – just getting it together in September 2016, but don’t let that put you off, our store is completely secure and powered by Shopify so you can be sure your order and your information is safe.

Ever had that thought ‘I wish I could find a shirt with xxx printed on it’?  well drop us a line, tell us what you are looking for – you never know Quill might just approve its creation for you.

We hope you will join us on our journey you can find us on Instagram - @quilltrading and on Facebook.

Happy trails

Quill Trading.